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VNA History

VNA HistoryVNA History

Established as the VNA of Martin County in 1976. The agency started with one office manager, one nurse and one part-time physical therapist. In its first month of existence, the VNA performed 30 home health visits. 

In 1983 the VNA expanded into St. Lucie County. In September of 1992 we opened a fully staffed office in Okeechobee County. We now have 10 offices across the state serving over 17 counties with over 400 employees.

VNA Plus was founded in 1985 as a sister agency to the VNA. VNA Plus addresses the private duty needs of patients that require extended home care.

The Visiting Nurse Foundation was established in 1987 to serve the unmet healthcare needs of our patients. Each year the Foundation donates thousands of dollars in “free and subsidized care” to individuals needing home care and other services.