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Alzheimer’s Care

ALZHEIMER’S CARE: Your Trusted Care Partner

Alzheimer’s Care40 years of experience providing Alzheimer’s care to patients in their homes has allowed the VNA of Florida to identify many patient and caregiver needs that arise throughout the progression of memory loss diseases. This is why VNA of Florida has developed Alzheimer’s care programs specifically designed to support and empower caregivers while expertly assisting those who are living with the complexities of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

VNA’s Alzheimer’s care programs help answer the growing need associated with the devastating illness. Currently, more than 5 million American’s have Alzheimer’s disease and some 13 percent of adults over 60 years of age report significant memory loss. When coping with memory loss diseases it is of utmost importance to surround yourself and/or your loved one with the proper support systems and the proper Alzheimer’s Care.

Here is how the VNA of Florida can help provide you with the Alzheimer’s care you need.

  • Memory Care at Home: Caregiving by Health Experts.

Experienced home health aides provide comprehensive, in-home assistance with activities of daily living. One of the tools used to deliver effective and personalized care is a customized VNA memory care box which promotes positive interaction and engagement.

  • Plan B: Relief Care for Unexpected Situations.

Emergencies and unplanned situations call for a plan of action. Let us help you develop a go-to procedure so when the need arises, you have the peace of mind knowing your loved one is safely taken care of.

  • Memory Café: A Mutual Support System.

Connect with others in a safe, fun and interactive setting for early-stage memory loss participants, caregivers, family and friends.


In addition to these Alzheimer’s care programs, the VNA of Florida owns and operates Grand Oaks Assisted Living communities and two of the communities, Grand Oaks of Jensen Beach and Grand Oaks of Palm City (coming soon) offer premier Memory Care Centers.

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