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Medication Management

MEDICATION MANAGEMENT: Ensuring Safe and Effective Use

Medication ManagementProper medication management is a vital part of a patient’s overall health and recovery. While medications have many benefits, a patient can experience harmful drug side effects if they are not using their medicines properly. Juggling numerous prescribed medications after a surgery, illness or injury can prove to be confusing and time consuming because each medication has its own set of instructions that must be adhered to. This is why medication management services by the VNA of Florida can be a saving grace for many people. Through education and supervision, Medication management services help to prevent dangerous medication errors.

Our Registered Nurses will work with both the patient and their family members to create a care plan that meets all their medication management goals. Nurses will help the patient get organizedand follow doctor’s orders as well as conduct regular evaluations for progress. Medication management is a smart way to prevent potential mix-ups in medicines, taking too much at one time, or forgetting to take a dose when needed. Patients will learn how important it is to follow the care plan and to fully understand the risks and benefits. With VNA medication management, recovering from chronic conditions is not left to chance and side-effects are successfully avoided.

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The cost of this service may be covered by your insurance or we can create a custom payment plan that is catered to fit your needs.

All VNA employees are licensed and insured and have passed local, state and federal background checks.